Ep. 33 - Why Women Aren't Funny with Caro Cacao

The XYZ Podcast

Ep. 33 - Why Women Aren't Funny with Caro Cacao

This week the boys are joined by good friend and fellow comedienne Caro Cacao ( @_carocacao_ ) who brings with her the most triggering topic yet (i.e. it was her idea - don't blame us!) ... "Why Women Aren't Funny". Chaos and insanity ensues. Warning: if you are easily triggered... why are you even listening to this podcast?!?

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Caro organises Spanish Stand-up comedy events in Switzerland at https://www.cacaocomedy.ch/. See Caro's Swiss SRF 3 «Comedy Talent Stage» enty below. Catch up with Caro Cacao (aka Caro Knaack) on Instagram or Facebook

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